My first press 

My Story

To say Kid Davie is a veteran entertainer is an understatement. Although his professional career started 39 years ago, his first press came when he was just 4 months old. He made the Chicago Tribune for standing in his father’s hand. Balance has always come naturally to him, making stilt walking, ball walking, and slack rope walking look effortless. Growing up as a child this “Kid” would dream of being in the circus, doing all the things he saw. The skills of circus performers always got his attention. As a young man Kid loved to watch Red Skelton, Jerry Lewis, Danny Kaye and Johnny Carson. When he learned that Johnny Carson got his start as a magician he jumped in with both feet. Practicing for hours and studying the likes of Houdini and Blackstone.Kid was also intrigued with another type of magic. The magic of mime. Watching Marcel Marceau and Shields & Yarnell he loved the illusion of creating an image or thought with nothing more than movement. In the mid 1970’s he moved to the San Francisco area and performed at Fisherman’s Wharf doing street shows. Being interested in so many different forms of entertainment it took awhile to realize he wanted to do it all. Years of practice later, variety seems like such a small word to describe his talents. To date Kid has performed in Canada, toured in Japan twice, and toured the United States for decades, performing at County and State fairs. He has performed at countless schools doing an inspiring show with several positive messages. He has also had his own children’s TV show, “Kidder’s Cartoon Castle” and was on “The Late Show with David Letterman“. Kid Davie is a unique, multi-talented entertainer. A comedian, magician, illusionist, fire eater, juggler, and stilt-walker. With a wonderful light-hearted sense of humor, warm out-going personality, he exhibits a great rapport with audiences of all ages, making him an "Entertainer Extraordinaire."